About The Team

Sunrise Catering has been serving the Cedar Valley area since 1971.  
We relocated our facility to Readlyn, Iowa in 2002 and we have been delighted
that business continues to grow EVERY YEAR.  With many events booked well in
advance we are looking forward to yet another busy year!


We cater all types of events and each is unique in size and purpose. Some are "self-serve" events with paper goods and beverages, while many others are an elegant "full service" event complete with serving staff, china, stemware, bar services, and linens.  Naturally, there are many more that are a combination of the many services we offer. Wedding receptions are a significant part of our business, but much of what we do is also geared toward businesses and companies as well. We prepare breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for annual parties, those important training and meeting sessions, and even monthly employee appreciation meals.

Personal Meeting

We would be more than happy to meet with you in our offices where we can show you what we do and create a menu with all of the things needed to help make your event memorable. If time and distance is a factor we can make arrangements to meet you at a convenient time and location. Just call Bev and Jim, or send us an email from this site!

Lastly, the goal of how our business operates has been 'Service, Service, Service.' We strive to cater delicious foods in a professional and upbeat manner, with you and your guests always the center of our attention. (Not to mention, the food is FABULOUS!)

Best Wishes,
...Jim and Bev